Jane Murdoch Adams




Milkweed Pod Series

Milkweed is my symbol of Nurture. They feed our eyes, hearts, butterflies and bellies. They animate my spirit and my paintbrush. How do I love them? Let me count the ways. At our home near Uxbridge, Ontario my young son and I used the milkweed pods to play the game of Poohsticks on the river.

In spring, I would fry the young pods with butter for lunch.

The elegant Milkweed bears clusters of soft, fragrant purple flowers. The leaves are the only food of the caterpillar of our Monarch butterfly. These paintings are my interpretation of the unique rapport between milkweed and butterflies.

During World War II children were encouraged to collect the pods because the silk was buoyant and lightweight and it was used for stuffing in flying suits and life vests.

Who can ever get tired of the cool shape of the plants and pods, their multi-tasking, their silky seeds taking to the air in the fall?

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